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LAUNCH TLT-440W - electro-4 rack lift

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LAUNCH TLT-440W - electro-4 rack lift carrying capacity of 4 tons with the possibility of using additional lifting platform with lifting capacity of 2.0 tons. The lift complies with international requirements and safety standards. Made in Shanghai, one of the biggest in Asia factories lifts. Annually off the production line, about 30,000 lifts. Painting is made on the most modern technology, spraying method.

LAUNCH TLT-440W - Electro-hydraulic 4 post lift with front rack turntable to the wheels, the rear cross member and a movable platform. Designed for inspection posts and wheel alignment.
Technical characteristics
Capacity 4 t
Voltage 380 V
Carrying capacity of additional lift 2 t
Internal width 3045 mm
Overall length 5225 mm
Lift 1900 mm
Overall height 3440 mm
The amount of oil 10 l
Automatic switch 16 A
Total length (without entrance bridge) 4450 mm
Power stroke 1900 mm
Height arrival 170 mm
Length of sidings 4555 mm
The width of driveways 500 mm
Installation length with entrance ramps 5233 mm
Mounting width 3455 mm
Drive power 2,2 W
Weight 1550 kg
Terms espluatatsii
Operating temperature range -5°C ~+40°C
Transport temperature \ Storage -5°C ~+40°C
Relative humidity at a temperature of +30 ° C, not more than 80%
Altitude not more than 2000 m

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